Welcome I am Blishta and in 2021 I started Teach Violin Now.

Next to my principal subject Violin on the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague I also graduated in Methodology and Pedagogy in Education. For more than 20 years I have focused on developing my own teaching resources.

My specialization lies mainly in motivating children with home- training as efficiently as possible.

In 2021 I have discovered that I like to help other violin teachers to fill their violin teaching schedule with quality resources.

To keep motivating their violin students in the violin lessons, but above all to motivate them for the other 6 days.

I am thrilled to help you on your violin teaching journey by inventing new teaching ideas, creating innovative resources and a lot more!


I am a creative person who has read a lot of research, done a lot of research on the Internet and what I miss in the flood of information, teaching materials, social media groups is a society where all of this and even more comes together.

One place where we can always tune in with peace of mind to be inspired

without the distraction of social media.

 That's why I founded Teach Violin Now Society

Teach Violin Now Society

Quality Resources

for 4 to 16 year old violin students

Save Time

We know that violin teachers works unconventional hours. Now you don't have to spent endless hours searching and creating own resources.

Fits Next to Any Method

Kids needs to play music games

and use physicality to demonstrate understanding. Teach Violin Now Society offers activities that are fun and effective.

Clear Concept and Focus

Clear overview of recources with a clear concept and focus. You can find recources for 4 till 16 years old violin students.