Olympic Musicianship

learn the art of self-esteem

As a mentor, with the online program Olympic Musicianship , I help students at the Conservatory, music institute and recently graduated musicians to achieve their musical/technical goals through personal development.

To become a professional musician, the correct practice of the instrument is extremely important.
But there is also a route you have to take regarding your personal development.

You become a successful performing musician not only by following your lessons but also by personal development and by being visible in on this globe.

"Geniuses are not born but made"

Practicing being a performing musician is not just about "perfect" performances of the music pieces.

But is also about take the right route to give your "perfect" performances. To find the stages, theaters and the right people on your musical route.

Today's society is overloaded with musicians. But you also have something to offer and are unique in what you do. 

What do you get in this online program

Olympic Musicianship

 Video Lessons

In our community you get access in unique video lessons.

Ambitious assignments

Every week a new music training, Olympic challenges. Different routes with practical exercises.

2 live sessions

After week 2 and week 5 we have a live session with me as a mentor and the other participants.

are you ready to manifest your dream?

8 weeks online program €175

Excel in the value you have to offer with Olympic Musicianship